In 1983, the first Snuffy's Malt Shop opened for business in Saint Paul on Cleveland Avenue. Mike Mueller founded this adventure with the concept of providing a quality meal at a fair price. Mr. Mueller was looking to relive part of his youth in creating a 1950's drive in themed restaurant.

For the first couple of years the family owned - and - operated restaurant continued to refine and improve on the classic 1950's diner appeal. Soon after garnering local attention and national recognition Snuffy's was able to expand into 4 different Twin Cities neighborhoods.

Snuffy's continues to be a famous Minnesota institution because we provide your family with quality hamburgers, fries, malts and so much more for an affordable price.


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Thirty six years ago Snuffy's Malt Shop opened its doors with the goal of providing great food and rich, creamy malts at an affordable price. While our menu has expanded over the years, the basics have stayed the same. There are choices for the grown-up, for the child, and for the child stuck in a grown up body.

Come, try for yourself!

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