Snuffy’s is back at Xcel Energy Center!

Come visit and get a hand mixed malt at Section 112 all year long!

 Peppermint Bark Malt is back!

White chocolate and peppermint blended with vanilla ice cream.

Bison Burger!

Keep your New Year’s resolutions going strong with the Bison Burger. 1/3 pound lean meet served with lettuce and tomatoes will keep you satisfied for hours!

Tater Tots!

Everyone’s favorite potato barrel is back for a limited time only!

Come Enjoy Our Retro Menu! 

Discounted burgers, fries, onion rings, malts, and more!

2pm-4pm Monday-Thursday
All Locations

Check out our Retro Menu!

Happy Hour Deals 2-4pm Monday-Thursday




Thirty years ago Snuffy’s Malt Shop opened its doors with the goal of providing great food and rich, creamy malts at an affordable price. While our menu has expanded over the years, the basics have stayed the same. There are choices for the grown-up, for the child, and for the child stuck in a grown up body. Come, try for yourself!

Snuffy's Malt ShopSnuffy's Malt Shop

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